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  • The Future of Augmented Reality in Healthcare


    The Future of Augmented Reality in Healthcare

    Augmented reality in Healthcare is one of the latest innovations in the medical field. Augmented reality is the use of cameras, and displays to overlay digital information onto the real world. Virtual reality is also catching people attraction. The virtual reality is the opposite of enhance. Virtual reality is a simulated experience of the real-world […]

  • Use of Augmented Reality in Education and Training


    Use of Augmented Reality in Education and Training

    Augmented reality in education is going to replace all the conventional learning methods. Soon, AR will get all the attention of people as this will change the location and timing of studying, to introduce new ways and means. The use of augmented reality in education will convert conventional classes into a more engaging and informative […]

  • Handheld AR equipment


    Headset Vs Handheld AR Equipment| Real-World Applications Of Augmented Reality

    Augmented reality has been around for years. However, it wasn’t as common until IOS, and android smartphones came equipped with a camera, GPS, and AR capability. Augmented reality is the technology that engaging more people towards the brands and industries. Now these days, augmented reality is quite easy to access for people. In some cases, […]

  • Future of AR Technology

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    What is the future of AR Technology |How AR will change our everyday lives

    Overview Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that is changing the world and industries. In simple words, Augmented Reality is an interactive experience of seeing the real-world environment where computer-generated images enhance the objects of the real world. The best thing about AR technology is that it can help the customer in imagining the product, […]

  • AR and VR technologies


    AR and VR Technologies: What’s the difference?

    Most of the people are often confused with virtual and augmented reality. However, both of these technologies are getting equally famous among peoples of all ages. Furthermore, in future, AR and VR technologies both will cover most of the industries and small business. In detail, VR and AR technologies aren’t the same. These technologies require […]

  • Mobile Augmented Reality


    Market Augmented Reality: Noticeable Growth

    You need to divide the influencing market elements through the supply side and the future market assessing elements. The forecast estimation is around the frame of around 2029 for future patterns, opportunities, restrictions, and drivers. The Market Augmented Reality helps you to understand it better. Mobile Augmented Reality The mobile augmented reality covers the companies […]