January 2020

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  • Augmented Reality in Fashion


    How Augmented Reality is Redefining the Fashion Industry

    What is augmented reality? Augmented reality is a technology in which the user experience an interactive real-world environment. In this environment, the computer-generated images are enhanced. These images are usually touchable and, in some cases, might not be interactive. However, on the other hand, virtual reality is an animation or virtual view in a computer-generated […]

  • use of augmented reality


    Technological Determinism and Use of Augmented Reality

    What is technological determinism? Technological determinism is a theory according to which the technology of a society determines the development of its cultural values and social structures. Many people believe that this term was first originated by an American sociologist Thorstein Veblen.Some European believe that the German economist and philosopher Karl Marx was the first […]

  • mobile augmented reality


    Best Mobile Augmented Reality Apps for Android and IOS

    Mobile augmented reality is one of the most explosive growth areas for AR applications. Such mobile devices that support AR are becoming less expensive and more popular. Thus, various types of augmented reality apps can run on smartphones. These AR apps allow viewing computer-generated images on the top of a real-world object. Furthermore, according to […]