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  • augmented reality sport


    Augmented Reality Player And The Future Of Sport

    Augmented Reality Player: Some several months back I blogged about an augmented reality solution called Seer that was implemented at Wimbledon. The solution was ingenious, use your Android device to find out how long the bathroom or food lines are as well as get relevant information on the games in play. Scores, statistics that type […]

  • AR dating app


    Augmented Reality Dating For The iPhone

    As part of my talk, I was giving an overview of the opportunities and how companies can include augmented reality functionality in their existing solutions. One of the examples I gave was around online dating. Specifically, if you are single, wouldn’t it be great to be able to see who around you right now is […]

  • AR Books and PodCast

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    Augmented Reality Book And PodCast

    Most of you probably know that late last year I decided it would be a good idea to write a book about augmented reality. I found a publisher and pitched the idea of a guide to mobile augmented reality and a feature on some of the amazing applications that are available. After some negotiation, the […]

  • wearable technology


    Augmented Reality & Wearable Technology 2020

    Augmented reality, AR for short, is a mostly visual extension of reality. With the help of a computer-aided system, all five human sensory modalities can be expanded. In most cases, AR is used for visual expansion. Here, additional digital information such. B. Videos, images, texts, etc. over an existing image in reality, such as the […]

  • google glass and augmented reality

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    Google Glass and Augmented Reality.

    I predict that Google, once it deems it safe to do so, will begin to amalgamate various projects that it is currently involved in. For now, the aptly named ‘Google Now’ delivers an efficient personal assistant, who very quickly learns your interests, movements and appears to service them effortlessly.  Whilst ‘Google Goggle’ provides pixel recognition […]